AllMerus Energy Ltd. is a clean energy company, principally active in bioenergy (biomass, biogas and waste-to-energy), as well as geothermal power, solar (technology and photovoltaic applications), wind and power storage. The company’s primary focus is the Euro-27 countries.

AllMerus Energy Ltd. principals bring with them significant experience and a deep contact base in the energy industry. Moreover, the company has strong connections with the financial community, a proven track record and deal-making experience. This allows AllMerus Energy Ltd. to mobilise the resources and capital necessary to execute chosen transactions quickly and effectively.

As a dynamic energy company, AllMerus Energy Ltd. is well equipped to tackle deal flow across the energy spectrum. The company’s two principal areas of activity are:

1. Acquisitions:

AllMerus Energy Ltd. identifies for investors, operating projects and existing companies or ventures as acquisition targets. AllMerus Energy Ltd. looks for companies that either require contractual or operational restructuring or where the current owners seek to exit due to non-project related financial/strategic considerations.

AllMerus Energy Ltd. principally targets negotiated, bespoke transactions. The company uses its proprietary model and the principals’ experience in execution of transactions and in operating assets to negotiate and close each transaction with discipline and in accordance with its value maximising principles.

2. Project Development:

AllMerus Energy Ltd. works with project developers and EPC contractors in the structuring of greenfield and/or brownfield clean energy projects. The company utilises its network of partners throughout Europe to identify suitable opportunities for such projects.

AllMerus Energy Ltd. looks for factors such as the strength and dependability of the prevailing ‘green energy’ regulatory structure, the availability of secure fuel supply as well as reliable off-take contracts for power, steam, gas etc. where applicable to support the economics of such projects.

Moreover, AllMerus Energy Ltd.'s principals have strong relationships with the numerous consultants, engineering companies, O&M providers and financial institutions necessary to bring projects to completion and to guarantee their smooth operation.


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