Geothermal Power

AllMerus Energy Ltd. is actively pursuing opportunities in the geothermal power sector primarily in Germany. Due to the favourable legislative environment, geothermal activities have developed constantly in the recent past.

AllMerus Energy Ltd. is in active discussions on the development of a number of German geothermal projects where licenses and rights as well as the necessary relationships with the relevant partners are in place and 3D seismic analyses have been completed and which are now ready for financing and construction.

In geothermal as with biomass, AllMerus Energy Ltd. follows a portfolio strategy by targeting clusters of power plants rather than individual plants.

AllMerus Energy Ltd. was actively involved in the development and realisation of a geothermal energy project in Traunreut in the Bavarian Molassis Basin together with Gruenwald Equity Geothermie GmbH with approx. 5 MWel.

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